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Rory on meeting guys at bars

 So i called Rory and let him know how easy it was to find a
rival for Brad Pitt, he say’s no way and seems pretty impressed.

But then i have to come clean about the whole thing and tell
him that the Brad Pitt rival had a girlfriend who is
apparently pretty and nice.

R; Hb, where did you meet this guy some seedy bar ?
Me: No it wasn’t a seedy bar it’s a really cool bar.
R: what the hell are you crazy. don’t you know
guys at bars are just trying to get laid or making sure
their partner isn’t get laid and before you ask me it’s
not a gay guy thing, it’s the way the world works thing.
Me. Seriously Rory, how do you even come up with these rules.

R; drunk people go to bars. drunk people want to have sex. Or desperate guys know
that drunk people are most likely to put out.
Me. Mmmmhmmm.
R; how many guys have you dated that you met at a bar ?
Me; (it takes me a moment to think about it, sadly i used to do this thing where i dated guys just
because i was bored.) “none”
R; and how many guys have you had a one night stand with have you meet in a bar.
Me; you have a point.
R; you didn’t even take it seriously, hello earth to sarah. You are not trying to get laid
you are trying to meet a super hot guy who doesn’t want a one night stand or anything else from
you for that matter.

Damn it. Why is it that he knows everything. Iv known Rory my whole life.
But i swear the day he came out of the closet he got sent the “encyclopedia’s of love” from gaymen direct.

So Rory has given me 3 chances to “pull a Brad Pitt rival”
It’s really just two because i have already used one up on lying jerk with girlfriend
and now im not even allowed to meet this brad pitt rival guy at a bar.

I called Penny and asked her what she thought about trying to meet a cute guy at the new years eve thing
we are going to. Which is basically us standing around a harbour with a bunch of other people looking
at fire works saying ohhhh ahhhh.

I figure new years eve is a perfect time because everyone is feeling depressed about
being single because they had no one to kiss.


Comments on: "Rory on meeting guys at bars" (1)

  1. portlandsfunnygirl said:

    I think you can do it hun! 🙂 First off, stay AWAY from guys who have girlfriends, no matter how cute they are. Because then even if he leaves you for her, you’ll always be worried if some bimbo is hitting/flirting trying to do the exact same thing. Plus what does that say about the guy? Just saying.

    Anyway… there are plenty of places to meet cute hot SINGLE guys besides bars. 🙂 First off, ask everyone you know. Friends are a great resource. Also, your work. Give the guys you work with a second chance look over. If they’re all dud’s hit up the older women who love to rave about their children. (Casually ask what they’re doing for the holiday, etc) Pretty soon they’ll be whipping out their wallets to show you photos so you can get a quick peek if there a hotty or a dud. Also, just keep your eyes open everywhere you go. Like the movie theater (make sure he’s with a guy friend. If he’s with a girl keeeeeep walking.) But if he’s alone or with a guy friend in the lobby make up cute conversation like “Do you know which direction theater 12 is?” Once he answers drop a comment about the movie or if he has anything in his hands (food) or just any general thing you like about him. Guys like being complimented as much as girls do. Or bookstores work just as well, community college campus’s, stay away from the grocery store (I work at one, fat chance and they’re always with their girlfriend), friends parties, crash weddings (That one is so much fun), etc. 🙂 Hope those are helpful.

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