My life as a 20-something yr old with a muffin top, who lives in a foreign country and has a thing for hot nerds.

There are some days when i don’t want to leave my bed.
I don’t know why, it’s not the wrong time of the month,
i don’t have a hideous pimple and i didn’t walk into a door knob.

I shouldn’t feel like that on new years eve but i do.
I don’t want to squeeze my muffin top into a dress that’s too tight
and try to hold it all night.
My feet are begging not to be put inside cheap (and mostly likely stinky)
shoes that will give them blisters.

I had in my head that it would be a shit night,
Germany is cold, there is snow, it’s so cold !!!
your hands beg you to cut them off or wear ridiculous handshoes.

But i discovered last night i have some pretty amazing friends.
We decided to go to Pennys. We are very classy girls (plus one boy)
so we swigged vodka and made up great songs until we began to starve to

Mcdonald’s, isn’t it on everybody’s list of things to do for nye ?
Iv never eaten so fast or had mcdonald’s that tasted so good.

Then we successfully managed to catch the wrong train to the fireworks.
Which didn’t matter in the end because everybody just had their own fireworks.
TO explain it to you, with all respect to soldiers.
It’s how i managed a war to be (with out me actually getting hurt)
it was rather terrifying loud bang noises and fire.

After avoiding death we tried to go to our favourite bar.
Which decided to charge a crazy amount for entry that no one
was willing to pay.

And so we ended up eating kebabs. My first new years kiss was from
a 40+ year old turkish man who i practise speaking german to when i am
drunk. The first thing i ate was turkish food.
Maybe it’s signs that i should move to turkey, someday.

Due to inappropriate shoe choices by several of my lovely friends,
it was time to go home.

The thing about trying to get a taxi, while freezing to death alone, on new
years eve is that its rather awful.
I waited for at least 30minutes before it even felt like there was a chance i would get a taxi.
I made a bold move and moved away from the taxi rank and onto the street.
It wasnt even waving down taxi’s, it was jumping down taxi’s.

While i was mid jump 3 guys come and asked me where i was going.
They where all okay looking-like you would let your friends hook up with them.
But the one who stole my attention had big brown bambi eyes and he kept
doing a cute half smile. The kind of half smile that is a magic spell and you
would do anything he asked.

Luckily, all he asked me to do was talk so he could imitate my
accent. We shared a taxi for a whole  20minutes.
His friends thought they where rappers which took away from the excitement a little.
But Big Brown Bambi eyes gave me his number.So i didn’t find Brad Pitt but he could pass for johnny depp.
(to be continued)


Comments on: "his no brad pitt, but his certainly johnny depp" (1)

  1. No sex for 6 months? (I read your discussion board post!)
    You must be dying!

    I’m in a relationship and it means gold in the regular sex department. But at least you’ve got this magical soiree of cute boys lining up for you. Its a big mystery!! I like your blog.

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